The Amazing Sutro Bath Ruins

Not many people are aware of the Suto Baths, but they were a magnificent display of wealth and architecture during the late 1800’s.

My family spent the entire day Saturday combing several beaches in the steady rain; but rain never stops us – many times we find our greatest treasures when we’re soaked through and through.

Our last stop was the Sutro Baths and the rain had finally let up to a heavy mist, so everything was bright green and beautiful!

The Sutro “baths” were created by Adolph Sutro on the rocky cliffs of San Francisco in 1896 and they were easily given the title of the world’s largest “indoor” swimming pools. A visitor to the baths could choose from seven different swimming pools; one fresh water pool and six salt water pools. The largest of the pools had to be monitored by life-guards utilizing a canoe.

But that’s not all Adolph Sutro had in store for his visitors; there was also a museum, a concert hall with seating for 8,000, and an ice skating rink – pretty impressive for 1896! From the photos, you can see how rough and untamed the Pacific is all around San Francisco. It was no different in 1896, so at high tide, water would flow directly into the pools from the ocean. Adolph had a powerful turbine pump built into the cave (photo below) so that during low tide he could fill the pools at 6,000 gallons per minute, completely recycling the pools in 5 hours!

Although The Sutro Baths facility struggled for years – predominantly due to the high cost of maintenance and upkeep, it remained at the site for many years until it burned to the ground in 1996; the ruins are now a part of the Golden Gate Park Services.

The final picture is an artist’s rendering of the Sutro Baths during their glory days, courtesy of the San Francisco Library.
















Lone Cypress Tree of Pebble Beach, CA


In Pebble Beach, California there is a “words-cannot-describe” 17 Mile Drive where you will find the famous Lone Cypress Tree. The drive is actually a gated, private drive with golf courses and beautiful homes – but for $10 you can drive through and see how the top 2% of the population lives. The tree alone is well worth the ten bucks – it’s over 250 years old and has become a symbol for this very wealthy region of of the Monterey Bay. The Lone Cypress Tree has been featured in movies, commercials, and is a favorite of tv camera crews during golf tournaments year after year.

The San Francisco Yacht Club’s seventh annual Leukemia Cup Regatta – The Honey Tupelo!

The San Francisco Yacht Club’s seventh annual Leukemia Cup Regatta raised an incredible $850,000 this Fall and is once again ranked the top fundraising regatta in the country for the sixth consecutive year. Thank you to my good friend Jamie who sailed in the regatta and supplied the beautiful pictures! The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s thanks the generosity of San Franciscans for their donations to be able to continue life-saving research and vital services to blood cancer patients and their families.

Confessions About The Olympic Club and US Open

This is the view of the Olympic Club from my house where the 2012 US Open was held this past June.  I am married to the greatest guy anyone could ask for and he’s an avid golfer and fan, so when he told me he had tickets to the US Open for the Friday of that week I tried to be happy…. but I’ve been traveling more than ever this year, and I got home around midnight on the evening before just so I could go with him (good heavens, I think we walked 36 holes as spectators), but I was a good sport and I don’t think he has any idea how I felt.  Whew – good to get that off my chest 🙂

Looking Forward to a Bright 2013!


There were many fine sporting events held in San Francisco this year including the US Open in June and the America’s Cup in August. The next series of The America’s Cup will be held in Venice, Italy April 16th through the 21st of 2013.

After complete exhaustion – lunch at Harvey’s in the Castro

Harvey’s was named after the famous activist Harvey Milk, and on Halloween they were playing The Rocky Horror Picture Show On a large screen while the most jewels of San Francisco came in decked out with their amazing costumes!