My Latest Obsession: The Westin St. Francis

The Westin St. Francis is a historic luxury hotel located on Powell and Geary Streets in Union Square in San Francisco. It’s an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful building that you just can’t take your eyes off of!

There’s a ton of history on the Westin St. Francis, including the infamous Fatty Arbuckle scandal with a young girl that eventually died under suspicious circumstances after spending the evening with Arbuckle. And, when doing my research, I found several stories about ghost encounters in the hotel; I’m not really a believer in ghosts, but you will see in the 1st photo, I did not remove the light “orbs” all around the building. I took about 80 photo’s of the city that evening, and the only photos with “orbs” in them were the ones taken of The Westin St. Francis! I took the time to remove them from the rest of the photos so you can concentrate on the beauty of the architecture; it’s absolutely stunning!!!

The two twelve-story south wings of the hotel were built in 1904, and the double-width north wing was completed in 1913, initially as apartments for permanent guests. The 32-story, 390 ft tower to the rear completed in 1972 features exterior glass elevators that offers panoramic views of the bay and the square below, making the St. Francis one of the largest hotels in the city, with more than 1,200 rooms and suites!












Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, San Francisco

From the day I took my “relocation tour” and learned about this beautiful church, I wanted to come back and sit in the church; to feel it, experience it, – and photograph it.
It has so much history – and the beauty is hard to describe – and even harder to capture in a photograph.

Saints Peter and Paul Church is a Roman Catholic Church that sits in a part of San Francisco known as “Little Italy” Located (somewhat oddly) at 666 Filbert Street, in the North Beach neighborhood (Italiano: Ss. Pietro e Paolo), (Chinese: 官話 圣伯多禄圣保禄教堂).

The church is administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco; it is known as “La cattedrale d’Italia ovest,” or “The Italian Cathedral of the West,” and has served as the home church and cultural center for San Francisco’s Italian-American community since its consecration. In recent years, Saints Peter and Paul has also become the home church for the city’s Chinese-American Roman Catholic population, offering weekly masses in Italian, Mandarin, and English.

Contrary to popular belief, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were not officially married at this church but returned for pictures on the church steps immediately after their civil ceremony in 1954. In true Catholic tradition, DiMaggio had been married in the church in 1939 to Dorothy Arnold and was therefore considered “still married” when he wed Monroe.

The church has also been featured in Clint Eastwood Movies, scenes from Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments” were filmed at the church while it was under construction, and parts of “Sister Act 2” were also filmed at the church.

















Burlingame Bungalow


Burlingame, CA is in the “peninsula” area of San Francisco – south of the city and in between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. It’s a safe and friendly community filled with beautiful homes from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, plentiful parks and huge eucalyptus trees. Burlingame also offers quaint shops filled with every modern convenience, fantastic restaurants, beautiful old churches, an adorable public library and an old mission style train station; all within walking distance for the majority of it’s residents! Combine all of that old world charm, add in an easy commute to the city, some of the top schools in the state, and you will get homes that sell for about $1,250 per sq ft!

Burlingame and it’s ultra exclusive neighbor, Hillsborough, are are just two small towns that make up the San Francisco peninsula. The peninsula is also where you’ll find Palo Alto (home of Stanford University), and a very small town with huge claim to fame: Atherton – it’s one of the wealthiest cities in the US. In fact, in September of 2010, Forbes magazine placed Atherton’s zip code of 94027 at #2 on its annual list of America’s most expensive zip codes, with a median home price of $4,010,200.

The peninsula offers an alternative to living in the city, or making the tedious commute across the Bay Bridge every day… All for a price, of course.

Lone Cypress Tree of Pebble Beach, CA


In Pebble Beach, California there is a “words-cannot-describe” 17 Mile Drive where you will find the famous Lone Cypress Tree. The drive is actually a gated, private drive with golf courses and beautiful homes – but for $10 you can drive through and see how the top 2% of the population lives. The tree alone is well worth the ten bucks – it’s over 250 years old and has become a symbol for this very wealthy region of of the Monterey Bay. The Lone Cypress Tree has been featured in movies, commercials, and is a favorite of tv camera crews during golf tournaments year after year.

This is why I’m never allowed to drive on Pacific Coast Highway

My family knows that I’m far too distracted by the beauty of Highway 1 to be a responsible driver; so I have to be in the passenger seat whenever we take that route somewhere. If you don’t live in California, it’s hard to imagine the beauty, but it’s like this all along the entire coast of the state. In the Northern most parts of California, it’s mostly cows and pastures that get to take in the beautiful coastline; maybe that’s why they say “happy cows come from California’!!


The San Francisco Yacht Club’s seventh annual Leukemia Cup Regatta – The Honey Tupelo!

The San Francisco Yacht Club’s seventh annual Leukemia Cup Regatta raised an incredible $850,000 this Fall and is once again ranked the top fundraising regatta in the country for the sixth consecutive year. Thank you to my good friend Jamie who sailed in the regatta and supplied the beautiful pictures! The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s thanks the generosity of San Franciscans for their donations to be able to continue life-saving research and vital services to blood cancer patients and their families.

Last Night The Sunset Was All About Gold and Orange

We didn’t have much of a sunset this evening because of the fog, but last night, it was glorious! I tried to capture the sun reflecting off the Pacific but it didn’t come out as well as I hoped for; but it’s still beautiful!!

The View From Inside (lbc)

My Daughter got home just a little after I did and snapped this interesting picture with her Iphone; I’m always amazed at the quality of the Iphone pictures!

I just realized that every night we get together to marvel over the sunsets 🙂

I Stayed Out A Little While Past Sunset And Saw This Ship….

I’m  not sure exactly what this ship was because it was so dark, but sometimes we see cruise ships rolling by – if it was, the passengers were treated to a stunning sunset!!

I Almost Missed The Sunset Tonight, But Was it Worth it!!!!

I’ve never been a huge fan of daylight savings time – for the obvious reason above… we live on a hill facing South West with a beautiful view of the Pacific and if I don’t leave work early now, I will miss all of this glory every evening.  This shot was done with my Canon with no special filters, and no photo shop (just a little zoom).  When the day is clear, we are treated with a beautiful sunset of pink, orange, purple, or red; each one a gift from God.  The sunsets never cease to amaze me!

Oh No! Soap in the St Francis Wood Foutains!!

Back in the 1920’s and 30’s when San Francisco was still very young, the housing developers thought that the Saint Francis Wood area would be the suburbs; but its right in the city today! How could they have known that the city would grow to include the East Bay and Peninsula as the suburbs?  I’m not complaining; we have big streets, fountains, and yards, just like you would expect to see in the suburbs.  It’s too bad someone had to spoil the beautiful fountains this week, shame on you – whoever you are!